We believe

Nowadays, the way businesses, groups and individuals interact is fundamentally changing. What intrigues us is: how can businesses be catalysts in moving society forward? How can they solve problems, satisfy needs and increase personal wellbeing? Simply stated: how can they create impact?

We believe businesses can -and should- do so much more than just sell a product and make a profit: they should empower people to realize their plans, ambitions and dreams.
Therefore we strive to tear down the walls between businesses, groups and individuals and instead create chemistry between them. We do this by exploring new ways to make your business relevant and valuable.

We offer our talent for concept development and design to unleash your company’s full potential.

Concept development

The ambition to not just sell a product, but be valuable to society requires a new kind of ideas; ideas that make a business utilitarian and relevant.

Brilliant Bastards use concept development as a technique to create cool stuff that enhances our lives instead of ads and commercials that do little more than entertain us for a second.


Many people seem to think design is about the looks. We don’t: we believe it’s about the user experience.
In order to create the most agreeable user experience, Brilliant Bastards are in design mode from the start of the developing process –he who starts designing at the end, is actually only window dressing.



Smappit is a startup from... Groningen ofcourse. It all happens here.

Smappit takes care of all your invoices and guarantee certificates: these documents are stored online, in your personal 'box' on the web. Smappit makes returning an article or claiming guarantee easy as pie.

Brilliant Bastards were hired for design and copywriting. We crafted a new logo, built the websites for both retailers and consumers and wrote press releases.

Kudo's go out to Vette Media (front end development) and Zirv (animation).

Voys Telecom

Voys is one of fastest growing technology companies in Europe.

That’s cool, but their ambition is below zero: Voys aims to change the entire telecom business by offering a highly flexible solution, terrific support and personal involvement. The people at Voys work for your company as if it was their own.

We helped Voys getting their story straight: together we developed the company’s identity, brand values and marketing strategy. Now it’s about time to get the story out there...


In Groningen there's a lot going on for techies. The only thing is, you have to be incrowd to stay up to date - and even then it's hard to keep track of it all.

That’s why we started Grunn.io, a platform for the tech community: a database, news-aggregator and agenda combined.
We launched November 2012 in semi-private beta and are currently working on a redesign of the platform.

On this project we collaborate with the lovely Kevin (Vette Media) & Marianne (Wauw Communicatie).

Startup Weekend Groningen

As a part of an international organization, Startup Weekend Groningen asked us to create a new logo that would reflect international allure as well as local roots.

The logo we designed for the 2012 edition is just the initial step; in the near future we will develop the brand concept further.
Stay tuned.


One of the greatest challenges for a contemporary webshop is to stand apart from the competition and still remain familiar to customers.

We explored new ways to create a better customer experience, beyond the boundaries of the traditional webshop.
This resulted in a visionary marketing and branding strategy, summarized in the motto ‘Inspired to Move’. We catered to the needs of several target groups, from ‘beginner’ to ‘marathon man’.
Changes in the webshop are to be implemented in the near future.